Get the Gutter Protection You Need at Your Suffolk, VA, Home

Leaves and debris falling off the hood of the gutter system while rainwater enters the troughs

Have you found that your Suffolk, Virginia, home is unprepared whenever torrential downpours occur in the area? Perhaps you’ve had to find out the hard way, with water damage impacting your roof, soffit and fascia, or your landscaping. Maybe you’re just trying to get ahead of those types of issues. Whatever the case may be, turning to Exterior Source for a solution is the way to go. We install top-of-the-line gutter systems that feature built-in gutter protection, which helps prevent clogs. In turn, you won’t have to worry about water spilling over the edge of your system and causing damage to your property because, without any backups, it will flow freely through the troughs and out through high-capacity downspouts. How’s that for outstanding peace of mind?

What Makes Gutter Protection So Important?

If you’ve never had your gutters overflow and cause damage to your home’s roof, soffit, fascia, or surrounding landscaping, you may not understand the need for enhanced gutter protection. After all, how exactly does it work? Essentially, whether it’s an extension or part of the system itself, your gutter protection mechanism is designed to shield leaves, sticks, and other debris from falling into the gutter troughs. Because if any debris does enter the troughs and blocks rainwater from flowing through, that’s where your home is at risk of water damage. So, with the troughs properly protected, you can simply count on your gutter system to work without a hitch.

Innovatively Designed Systems With Built-In Gutter Protection

At Exterior Source, we are proud to install the widely renowned LeafGuard gutters, which feature a uniquely innovative design that allows for great performance. Crafted from continuous pieces of heavy-duty aluminum, these systems possess curved hoods that serve as all the gutter protection you’ll need to handle the worst rainfall Mother Nature has to offer. In fact, LeafGuard has been lab tested to handle up to 32” of rainfall per hour. How it works is quite simple, really, as the curved hoods cover the gutter troughs, meaning debris can’t fall in and cause blockages. And with no blockages, your gutters can function as they were meant to.

Neither Clogs Nor Leaks Will Be a Problem at Your Home

As important as it is for you to invest in proper gutter protection that will keep your system from encountering problematic clogs, the added bonus of the LeafGuard gutters is that they are also seamless. That means they are far less prone to leaks than your typical sectional gutters are, which can provide you with even more confidence in your home’s preparedness for the next rainstorm that comes your way.

Rely On the Experts to Provide You With Top-Tier Gutter Protection

When it comes to protecting your home from problematic leaks and clogs, there is no better team to trust than Exterior Source. Since 1993, we’ve been partnering with area homeowners to provide first-class gutter installations. In short, our expertise when it comes to these installations matches the caliber of the LeafGuard gutters themselves, ensuring that your investment pays off in the long run. You can just look to our flawless track record to see why we’re the right team to count on for your gutter replacement project, as well as your gutter protection needs.

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