Siding and Roof Replacement: When to Do It

Home improvement is beneficial regardless of the reason you might be interested in it. For instance, siding and roof replacement, two of the most popular projects around, can improve not only your home’s appearance but also its comfort, energy efficiency and overall value. To make the most of these major investments, however, they have to be done at the right time.

Siding and Roof Replacement: When to Do It

As your trusted source of high-quality exterior products and services, Exterior Source is here to share with you information and ideas, helping you determine how you can best benefit from siding and roofing replacement.

When to Get New Siding

Siding is meant to last but it still accumulates damage over time. If you notice most or all of these signs, it’s high time you considered getting new vinyl or fiber cement siding:

  • Bubbling and blistering – When siding is exposed to extreme heat and moisture, bubble and blisters can form.

  • Chips, dents and cracks – If your area was recently hit by a hail storm, siding chipping, denting and cracking can’t be totally avoided. If a large expanse of your siding has been affected, you most likely need a replacement.

  • Extreme fading – If your vinyl siding’s finish and color is already severely faded, it’s best to replace it instead of choosing to repaint or refinish. Aside from simply refreshing your siding’s appearance, replacement also addresses structural issues, ensuring top-notch performance.

  • Dry rot – A common problem with traditional wood siding, dry rot causes irreversible disintegration. Aside from being unsightly, it can also compromise your siding’s ability to protect your home.

  • Interior peeling – Compromised siding lets in moisture, causing interior paint and wallpaper to peel.

High energy bills – Siding is an important component of a home’s thermal envelope. Without a fully functional envelope, your home is more susceptible to unnecessary heat gain and loss, causing utility bills to rise.

Siding and Roof Replacement: When to Do It

When to Get a New Roof

When your roof is damaged or compromised, your home becomes vulnerable to various dangers, particularly those rooting from water and moisture. Roofs are designed to withstand everyday exposure to the elements but they are not invincible. Let the following clue you in on when to get a new roof:

  • Old age – Most roof systems last around 20 years, depending on the material used and the upkeep carried out. If your roof has reached its rated service life, chances are you’re due for a replacement soon.

  • Buckling and curling shingles – Shingles buckle and curl when extremely damaged. Don’t ignore those if you want your roof to keep performing well.

  • Missing or damaged flashing – Flashing serves as waterproofing material around joints and penetrations on your roof. When flashing material is compromised, your roof will leak, leading to further damage.

  • Shingle granules in gutters – This means your shingles’ protective layer has started to wane, indicating extreme wear and tear. Without its layer of protection, shingles are likelier to succumb to damage.

  • Daylight penetrating through the roof – Even the smallest perforation in roofing material can be a cause for leaks, but if you’re looking at roof holes big enough to let sunlight through? You’re definitely due for a replacement.

A roof with these symptoms simply won’t be able to stand a chance against severe weather, like April showers that can exploit damage and result in leaks, making getting a new system a necessary investment.

The best way to spot signs of siding and roofing damage is to enlist the aid of professionals like Exterior Source for a home inspection. As a siding and roofing contractor, we know what to look for, so you can trust us to clue you in on the best time for you to get new siding or roofing. To schedule an in-home consultation, just give us a call today at (804) 275-5323 or (757) 464-2060. You may also get in touch with us via our online contact form to request a no-obligation estimate.


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