4 Important Details of a Roofing Contract

As an experienced roofing contractor, we strongly recommend reading and understanding your roofing contract before signing anything. Your roofing contract is one of the most important documents of your project. It’s also a sign that you are working with a reputable roofing company.

4 Important Details of a Roofing Contract

Exterior Source lists the elements of a proper roofing contract below.

  1. Duration of the Project – The typical wait time from contract signing to job start is two to six weeks, but this varies depending on the contractor and their project backlog. During your initial meeting and when discussing your contract, get a realistic time estimate from your contractor. They need to be honest and clear about their availability.

  1. The Payment Schedule – The exact payment schedule for your roofing project is up to your roofer, but a fairly common arrangement involves paying an initial deposit, a second payment when the materials are delivered and a final payment once the job is completed. Ask your contractor about these specific details during your initial meeting.

  1. Project Scope – Your contract needs to define what services will be performed during your project and the labor and materials to complete it. You need to review this section with your contractor. Ask them to explain things and take time to check if the scope of the work meets the manufacturer’s warranty and installation requirements. This section must be detailed enough to include everything that’s necessary for your roofing project.

  1. Services and Materials – Your contract should also include all roofing materials and services included in the project. For example, a complete roof replacement contract must spell out details about the new ventilation, shingles, underlayment and other roofing accessories. Find the particulars of cleanup and disposal services, permit acquisition fees and a reference to the manufacturer warranty, in this section.

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